Laser Tag Party Waiver

Each and every player / participant must provide a signed “Laser Tag Party Waiver” to participate in the event. For minors under the age of 18 a parent or legal guardian signature is required. If you choose to download, print and fill out the waiver(s), please be sure to have a waiver for each player ready to give to our Game Coach prior to the onset of Game Play. If you choose to fill the waiver using one of our online methods please be sure to have one completed for each individual player signed and submitted at some point no later than 6:00 am the day of the event.

Different Ways to Fill, Sign and Submit (Detailed Instructions Below)

Choose Whichever One Way is Most Convenient For You

#1  Click Button

Click the orange button below to begin filling the waiver online. This button can be used on any browser and on any device.

#2  Click Link

Click the link below to begin filling a waiver online. This link can be copy and pasted into any browser, into any device and at any time you wish to fill and submit the waiver.

#3  Scan QR-Code

While using your i-phone or android mobile device open your camera, aim the camera toward the QR-Code, when you see a link appear typically in yellow just below the QR-Code. Tap on the link on your phone screen to begin opening the waiver. You’ll have to choose whether or not to open the waiver in the mobile app or by using the internet browser on your phone. It will work either way you choose. If you prefer to use the mobile app it is free and you do not need to set up an account to use it.  NOTE:  The QR-Code will scan from a computer screen.

Document ID:    2911  3481  3251

#4  Download Mobile App

If you would like to use the mobile app for any i-phone or android device, click on one of the two app store  links below. This will take you directly to the correct app to download. After the download is complete it will ask for either a Document ID Number (shown below) or to scan the QR-Code (shown below) to gain access to the waiver.

Document ID:    2911  3481  3251

#5  Download Print

Click on the image below to download a copy of our waiver to any device you are able to print from. After download is complete, print the one page waiver to fill and sign. It can then be scanned by a printer or by using a Document Scanner App for a mobile device so it can then be sent back to us via email. NOTE: If you are not able to scan the waiver try taking a good clear picture and attach the image to an email back to us.

Laser Tag Party Waiver


Send signed waiver(s) to:

Laser Tag Party Waiver