Tired of the kids being buried in their PlayStation or Xbox? Ready for a fun & unique way to get them out of the house with an activity they’ll be sure to enjoy? Then get the party started with a unique, exciting game of Laser Tag!

Whether your party or event is in your own backyard, your office environment, a public park or at a school or church, Laser Tag games are the popular go-to that leaves you with minimal out of pocket expense. A great alternative to Paintball, Laser Tag is pain-free!

Why a Laser Tag Rental? Did you know that Laser Tag residential or “Home” set-ups range in price from an average of $89.99 for 4 players (and only some set-ups come with Guns and Vest!) to $149.99 for 4 players (with Guns and Vest) for a rechargeable set? The average Laser Tag set-up will also require approximately 24 AAA / AA Batteries to operate and are not included. AAA / AA Batteries average $4.34 per 4 pack. Rechargeable batteries can be as much as $31.99 for 24! Remember, most of these set-ups have no extras such as bunkers and you do all the work! Let’s not forget possible Shipping Charges!

With our Commercial Laser Tag Rental, you’re getting quality, durable equipment and products that are well cared for and there’s no muss or fuss! All the work is done for you; from set-up to tear down; leaving you with a clean home & plenty of free time to be right in the middle of the action! There’s no need to worry about game storage, whether you have enough of the correct size batteries so the kids or adults can play or if any game play pieces are broken or missing.

For $300, we will set you up for a 90-minute session for up to 16 players; complete with 16 Laser Taggers, 6 Bunkers, & 2 Game Coaches that do all the work! From a classic Laser Tag game to an epic Laser Tag Adventure like Battlefield or Zombie Mode; your family, friends or co-workers will love playing Laser Tag!

So, come on! Let us do the work while you relax! Give us a call at (703) 297-7289 Sunday – Saturday from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. or click the Book Now Button to get your Laser Tag Party started!