Bristow Laser Tag Party

Welcome to Laser Tag 2 You! We are the #1 place for a Bristow Laser Tag Party and we are ready to come to your party or event with all of our Laser Tag equipment. When you know the dates of your event, head over to the Check Dates/Book Now button and this will allow you to send your dates and we can respond to let you know if this time is available and then you can confirm. It’s important to contact us a few weeks before your scheduled event but most of the time we can fit you in. There no limit to the number of people you can have at your laser tag party! We have a limited number of taggers but it’s very simple to switch people in and out so everyone can enjoy the fun. This is simple to di and no hassle to you because when you choose Laser Tag 2 You for your party, we send a coach! That’s right, we send a party professional to keep the fun going. All of our coaches love laser tag parties and it shows! They will entertain, teach, and make sure all the kids are having a blast and keeping everyone safe.

Bristow Laser Tag Party

Why Should I Rent From Laser Tag 2 You?

We arrive before your party starts to make sure we are 100% ready to go at the start time of your party.

We do not charge extra for more players.

Our laser taggers are easy to operate.

Our laser taggers are state of the art.

We have mission-based games that take the party to the next level.

We have “The Game Box” feature that looks and feels like a military battlefield that comes complete with battlefield props and new game modes. Having this feature makes for a more exciting game experience and the kids love all the new features that this brings to the game.

Our Game Modes Include:

Search & Destroy
Capture the Flag
Advanced “Re-spawn” Box
Proximity Mine

Our laser tag is unique in that our game has live scoring! Each of your guests can use an operative code name to go by while they play the game and the technology keeps score throughout the game.

We Have Additional Props!Party Rentals

If you are in Bristow, VA and want a party rental that is fun and unique, you have come to the wrong place. Contact Us today to learn more!