The Thrill Of Laser Tag Competition In Your Own Back Yard!

Laser Tag 2 You brings high-tech, realistic “battle” action right to you! Our Game Coach sets up the playing field, instructs and readies players for the game and referees the party! You relax, and your home stays clean! See our Pricing.

With the most high-tech laser tag system by Adventure Sports HQ, players feel as if they’ve been thrust into a cooperative showdown between teams for the highest score! It’s safe, energizing, and fun! We have different Game Modes to choose from. Check out our FAQs!

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Our amazing laser taggers are state of the art!

Real time scoring! Check hits, tags, who is winning, ammo and so much more! Our laser taggers work day or night, indoors or out! With the new addition of Revolution and game boxes it takes mission-based games, such as Capture The Flag, King Of The Hill, Grab for Gold and more to a whole new level! We service Northern Virginia, including the counties of Prince William, Loudoun, Fairfax, Fauquier and Stafford. See our FAQs!

Featured Laser Tag Rental Products & Props

The Game Box

The Game Box features the look and feel of a military battlefield that our operators love and includes a variety of battlefield props and brand new game modes. Game modes can include:

  • Infection/Zombies
  • Search & Destroy
  • Capture the Flag
  • Advanced “Re-spawn” Box
  • Proximity Mine

Live Scoring

In our laser tag games, each of your guests can choose an operative codename. Our technology keeps track of events within the game, such as who your guests tag (their “kills”), the number of times they are tagged (their “deaths”) and a calculation of the ratio between the two points (“K/D Ratio”). An example is pictured here.

Additional Props

We have additional props to help enrich the game that your guests will be playing. Pictured here are our more popular options, the “domination cube” and the “defusal roleplay bomb prop.”

Domination Cube

In the game, “King of the Hill,” teams of players compete for control of the cube. The team who can spend the longest with the cube is the winner!

Defusal Roleplay Bomb Prop

This fake bomb is given a preset timer that counts down. One party guards the fake bomb, the other party attempts to defuse it, eliminating any opponents in their way.

What Our Clients Had to Say

“Wow! Our easiest party ever! 15 crazy boys here, and our home is still clean! The Game Coach/Referee was awesome making sure that everybody knew the equipment and the rules, and everybody had a blast! I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again…and referring you to a lot of other parents! Thanks again!” – Robin V., Bristow

“I was a bit skeptical about a daytime Laser Tag party for my son. I had heard that some laser taggers only work well at night. Your system was amazing! Really cool laser taggers, sounds, realism…they even keep score! The kids all said it was awesome. Thanks for making everything so easy and smooth. Best party we’ve had yet!” – Martin L., Manassas

“We had a laser tag party for our end-of-session celebration at our summer camp, and everybody loved it! Your Game Coach/Referee was able to rotate everybody through all day, and all the kids had a blast. Even the counselors said it was the most fun they’ve had in a long time. Thanks for making our day so great!” – Justin, Maria and Kimberly, Fairfax Station

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